The Power of the Nap

We recently caught up with Senior Sports Scientist Robin Thorpe of Manchester United for some key insights into player training and recovery. Interestingly, one of the revelations that came out of our interview with Robin was over the topic of the nap.

“We use naps as a training tool,” remarks Robin.
“Up to one hour a day can enhance recovery, improve your mood, and elevate performance levels.”

But it doesn’t stop there, the power of the nap can be used for all walks of life. Continuous scientific study has shown that short naps, even 10 to 15 minutes can go a long way to helping with recovery and overall well-being.

“If you’re worried about feeling tired afterwards, trying drinking a coffee or tea just before falling asleep,” remarks Robin. “It takes time for caffeine to work its way in to the system, so by the time you wake up you should have a stimulated kick to keep you going.”

Whatever your need, one thing is for certain: napping isn’t just for children or cats. Try redefining your routine with a short nap to empower your day.