The Contender

We don’t think you take your bed seriously enough.

Our first ever U.K. commercial was bred right here on home ground. The lovely Emily Wyatt stars in the first instalment of our ‘Redefining Sleep’ campaign, designed to change your perceptions on how you view your own mattress. It’s a well-known fact that we spend over one-third of our lives in a bed, but what often gets taken for granted is how great that time affects the other two-thirds of our life.

Built for Performance

We feature our most popular Harmony 2000 mattress, one of our famous Harmony Pocket Gel Series that has been built to meet your performance needs. This advanced layering system of Mlily Cooling Gel, Memory Foam, and high-tech spring technology are designed to ensure you get the healthy, impactful sleep you need to wake up refreshed and ready to succeed.

Long-Lasting Support

Fact: Every stunt that takes place in our commercial uses the same single 3000 mattress. We put it through an epic training regiment just to show how durable and supportive our mattresses can be. When Emily drops a 50 KG ball on our bed, that actually happened, on twelve different takes. Each kick, each punch, each flip was recorded live and in real-time. We don’t believe in body doubles.

“I had a lot of fun beating up a mattress,” laughs Wyatt; “It’s cool what Mlily is doing because they’re taking something we consider ordinary and changing the way we look at it.”

After the filming, we actually gave Emily the same mattress to take home. “I’ve never slept better in my life,“ she says. “As soon as it arrived I immediately threw my old mattress out with the rubbish.”

Let’s just hope she didn’t use the same moves she used on our bed.