Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen

March and April saw MLILY team up with Sophie: registered nutritionist, blogger and founder of Sophies’ Healthy Kitchen, to create three brilliant sleep boosting recipes.

When it comes to getting the sleep that we deserve, food often falls to the back of many people’s minds, this is where Sophie and her wonderful recipes came in.

From healthy salmon dishes through to delicious strawberry and quinoa breakfast bowls and protein packed fried eggs and tofu; Sophie’s dishes are delicious, nutritious and sleep boosting.

Creating recipes that may help aid a good nights sleep has been really fun!

People often don’t think about the fact that our eating habits may be having an impact on the quality of our sleep and I have received really great feedback from my followers in regards to the relevant research that is out there.’

-Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen

The whole partnership has allowed for Sophie to give her followers new information all on the importance of sleep and food, it’s also allowed for MLILY to broaden their understanding of sleep health and nutrition!

Sophie also got the opportunity to try out some MLILY products, testing out the vitality pillow whilst also giving one away to her followers!

‘Comfort is hugely important as well as food and stress levels. My boyfriend and I often woke up with sore necks in the morning but since switching our pillows to the Mlily memory foam ones, they have been much better!’

-Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen

There was also the opportunity for MLILY followers to win a custom sleep hamper packed with all the ingredients necessary to create one of Sophie’s wonderful dishes at home; as well as a few added extras as well.

The partnership definitely stands as a success. It worked to highlight the importance of a healthy diet when it comes to a better sleep, something both MLILY and Sophie have been proud to raise awareness for.

‘When our bodies are sleeping they are repairing, recovering and relaxing, rest for the body is so underestimated!’

-Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen

Visit Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen to discover more recipes – or head over to Sophie’s Instagram to get chatting. #betterlife