Mlily For Life

For All Of Life’s Moments.

We’re proud to launch our second commercial, ‘Mlily For Life,’ developed and filmed right here in the U.K.

More Than Just A Bed

Continuing our ethos of ‘Redefining Sleep(R)’, we wanted to do something different for our second world premiere. We spend over a third of our lives on a bed, and not all of it is always spent sleeping. Whether it’s folding laundry, watching tv, reading a book or just playing with a loved one, so many of life’s moments are spent in and around our mattress.

Always There

We view our mattresses not as products, but as integral parts of our lives. Mlily For Life is about shedding light on this simple fact, because no matter the ups and downs in life, one thing that will always be there is your mattress.

That’s why an investment in Mlily is in an investment in your future, no matter what stage of life you are in.