Our Mission

Our company originated in China. At the time of our conception, sleep was perceived completely differently by the Chinese people. They had become used to sleeping on harder, more cheaply made beds that provided zero support for their body. We entered the market with our Memory Foam product at a time when people did not understand the benefits of a proper mattress or what sleep meant for their performance. We had an uphill battle ahead of us in regards to cultural expectations of the entire industry.

Thus, the term ‘Redefining Sleep’ was born, as we set out to change a culture and a perception on sleep. We set out to educate the Chinese people, and to present them with a product that changed their exceptions of beds and just how they sleep.

Years later, we are now the largest memory foam manufacturer in China and an A-List Stock on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. We’ve taken that motto of Redefining Sleep with us as we continue to expand globally and here in Canada.

Our mission is simple:

Create a bed that truly benefits your health and your lifestyle. Our sleep scientists are constantly working around the clock to ensure our mattresses surpasses the highest standards of performance, which is reflected in our partnership with Manchester United. We understand that like a shoe one size does not fit all in this industry, and that’s exactly why we’ve made a range of products that are adaptable to every body type and size.

We will never stop researching, we will never stop evolving and striving to make the most advanced mattress out there, because at the end of the day we know a better sleep means a better life. We are here to help you achieve your dreams, both literally and figuratively.

Pomi Khan CEO, Mlily