Michael Carrick Foundation

MLILY’s partnership with the Michael Carrick Foundation continues to reap benefits for the surrounding Manchester and Tyne and Wear communities. First established in 2017, the Foundation aims to support hundreds of children in deprived neighborhoods by providing them with activities in an environment where they can feel safe, valued and inspired to achieve.

“With the support of MLILY we have been able to set up the Boot Room Project”

Michael Carrick

‘The Boot Room Project’ is the Foundation’s pilot program, and its aimed to encourage the local community to donate unwanted or outgrown football boots and astro trainers, so that they can be gifted to children who need them.

Thanks to MLILY’s funding, over 26 drop off points have been set up across the Greater Manchester area, with 432 boots being handed out through giveaways; 96 to women and girl’s football projects and 161 to Manchester United partnership schools.

“With youth services being drastically cut up and down the country, we were keen to give something back to the community, and the Carrick Foundation provides the perfect outlet for us to do so,” Pomi Khan, CEO Mlily CANADA

MLILY shares a passion for football with the Foundation, and an interest in promoting an ethos centered on well-being, happiness and improved self-esteem. Thanks to the partnership, hourly football sessions are now happening throughout Greater Manchester to give pupils the opportunity they deserve.

MLILY are excited to support future projects and initiatives in the near future and are proud to align their beliefs with the Michael Carrick Foundation – that everyone deserves the community strength, support and resources to thrive.