1 October 2018

Mlily strengthens its Manchester United partnership on preseason tour.

Continuing to build off its 2018 success, Mlily made a splash on this year’s USA preseason tour with long-term partner Manchester United. Ranging across the States from Los Angeles to Miami, Mlily gained further invaluable international exposure and increased its growth in new regions.

“We were proud to sponsor such a great showcase of talent as the team prepared for their 2018/2019 season campaign,” remarks Pomi Khan, CEO of Mlily UK.

“The International Champions Cub was such an immense success last year, and as soon as we heard United were participating again we knew we had to be a part of it.”

From digiboards to press conferences to exclusive player appearances, Mlily made a critical step forward in its presence across the States and abroad.

“Not only was the viewership record setting in the U.S., but international viewership across MUTV and here in the U.K. exceeded expectations, leading to some invaluable coverage for us globally,” says Chris Thomas, Global VP of Marketing.

In Miami Mlily also had the rare opportunity to connect players with a few key social media influencers, creating some pieces of original content that the company expects to make a huge online imprint this autumn.

“From a mattress target challenge to exclusive interviews to even making a music video, we’ve done some pretty exciting things that further our outside-the-box methodology and continue to define us as an industry trendsetter,” observes Khan.

Mlily has plans to co-release its fresh new content in the coming weeks, further capitalizing on an already successful USA tour.