We take the plush, luxurious feel of Dupont Sorona and combine it with our temperature-regulating PCM Technology. The interior is fitted with square-cut pieces of our adaptably cool AirCell Foam which can be added or removed to adjust height. Perfect for all sleeping positions.

AirCell Foam
Our supreme AirCell Foam is engineered to mould to the natural contours of your head and neck for ideal alignment.

PCM Technology
NASA inspired PCM Technology creates a thermoregulating sleep surface which absorbs moisture and adapts to changes in external temperature, creating a refreshing feel.

Natural Comfort
Designed to improve air circulation and to deliver a more natural, complete sleep. Our pillow is made with plush DuPont Sorona, creating a breathable, hypoallergenic surface.

Add or remove custom-crafted AirCell pieces to change the height of your pillow.